100 Hectares – Curtimenta Branco 2018

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100 Hectares Branco Douro Valley Portugal – 13 2018 1

100 Hectares – Curtimenta Branco 2018.

The spice on her tongue led Megan to fly out of the damp oakwood door, and dive into the exclusively sparkling water fountain.

“Drama queen, ” uttered Sam, the fashion journalist, within earshot.

The splashing water flew high, splashing on the thick brambles of blackberry and dry gooseberry. 

Megan kicked out, stubbing her toe but not wanting Sam to be right.

“And who’s wet now Sam?” retorted Megan. Her toe was most likely broken.

Wine Description.

This is a complex wine with plenty of drama and lots of fruit. 

It is dry on the aftertaste with honey mixed in for smoothness. 

There is a hint of spice on initial tasting which mellows once the fruit hits the back of your tongue. 

It is a wine best savoured once opened for at least an hour.

As a food pairing, this could be easily be served with cheese or oily fish.

 Or this could as easily be served prior to dinner – or after.