Chukkers – Malbec 2015.

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Chukkers – Malbec 2015.

Chris looked down from the mountain, spotting frozen blackberry bushes along the trail downhill. 

A snowball hit him on the left side of the face, his horse Jacoby recoiled from the assault. 

He knew it was Alison. 

Her subtle hint of mint and cherry wafted on the wind. She was devious and suggestive. 

More than just a half-sister.

Wine Description.

This is a bold wine that oozes blackberry straight from the bottle. 

It is rich and smooth, with undertones of mint, vanilla and some cherry. 

This could be easily drank on its own. 

We did accidentally chill this wine slightly, by leaving it on a shelf beside a cold window and it tasted lovely.

Pair this with beef or chicken to bring out its richness.