Costa Cruz – Tempranillo / Shiraz 2019.

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Photo Costa Cruz Tempranillo Shiraz 2019

Costa Cruz – Tempranillo / Shiraz 2019.

It swirled and spilled over, the fluid pancake mix rocking under the vibes and momentum of the minor earthquake.

Cherry, raisin and pomegranate along with the mix flowed over the edges of the table, with Edgar and Emma underneath.

“The prance horses are gonna be annoyed that there’s no pancakes for tea,” she uttered.

“Fecking primadonnas,” muttered Edgar.

The door was hammered open by hooves. And snarling, hungry, flaring nostrils 15 hands tall.

Wine Description.

This is a delicate red wine, something you rarely find. 

It isn’t an assault on the nose, being quite neutral initially, but upon tasting strong notes of pepper and cherry come through. 

I also tasted light notes of sweet raisin and pomegranate as the wine slipped down easily. 

It does have a drying aftertaste but that’s certainly not off-putting.

I would recommend pairing this wine with beef or gamey meats.