Dominique Baud – Sauvignon Blanc 2017

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Photo Dominique Baud Sauvignon Blanc

Dominique Baud – Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Arlene was trying to impress her new boss, Ewan.

She cut his morning grapefruit into perfect segments, poured his Arabian coffee with hot milk and drizzled sour honey over his wholegrain toast. 

He sniffed some sort of appreciation, flicking his silk robe behind him as he sat down.

The seven year old son of a billionaire was hard to impress.

Wine Description.

The spice on her tongue led Megan to fly out of the damp oakwood door, and dive into the exclusively sparkling water fountain.

“Drama queen, ” uttered Sam, the fashion journalist, within earshot.

The splashing water flew high, splashing on the thick brambles of blackberry and dry gooseberry. 

Megan kicked out, stubbing her toe but not wanting Sam to be right.

“And who’s wet now Sam?” retorted Megan. Her toe was most likely broken.