Duchess De Berry Bordeaux 2017

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Duchess De Berry Bordeaux 2017.

The Peugeot hire car stalled, and eventually stopped, leaving Laura stuck by the side of a country road in misty September rain.

Her French was terrible but her plum umbrella was strong. Help would arrive in thirty minutes.

Venturing out onto the verge, she saw blackcurrants and blackberries still growing on the ditches. Alone with her thoughts, she came to a metal fence.

George didn’t see or hear her approach.

He pooped and mooed at the same time. Shock, pure shock enveloped him.

Wine Description.

This is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes and is slightly tannic, yet warm on the tongue. 

It has strong tones of deep black fruit, blackcurrant and plum most notable. 

It is ruby red in colour under light yet packs more punch than you think it might.

As a food pairing, it is quite versatile. You could have chicken with this wine, or I could see it being an excellent accompaniment with a cheeseboard.