Eira Sao Miguel Tinto 2017

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Eira Sao Miguel Alentejano Portugal 13.5 2018

Eira Sao Miguel Tinto 2017 Review.

Jerry asked for a refill of black coffee, 3am on a Saturday morning, sitting alone at the counter of Eddie’s 24 hour diner.

“Give me 3 pancakes filled with black cherry, plum and top them off with cranberry sauce Rita,” he oozed. “And don’t be shy with the cream on the side either!”

Rita stood still, mouth agape, wondering why an eight year old, in full school uniform was in her diner, ordering food.

With no parents.

His smile was so disarming though.

Wine Description.

This wine is a pleasure to sample whilst cooking or prepping dinner or Sunday lunch.

It is also fantastic with food and if you have some left over once the dishes are done, goes down easily if you’re sitting down relaxing.

It is deep in black cherry and blackcurrant colour. The flavour of dark fruit, in particular cherry, comes through on the nose.

It is drying on the tongue but lingers nicely, giving a creamy, peppery finish.

I smelled mere hints of coffee yet my wife got tobacco, something I didn’t pick up on – but that’s individual noses for you!