Elisabeth French wine blend 2015

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Elisabeth French Blend

Elisabeth French wine blend 2015.

Anne fell out of her cream hammock, face first into the sand.

Derek, her oblivious husband, was on his phone six feet away with his gut hanging out facing the sea.

She brushed off her clothes, thirsty to quell the hot Caribbean sun.

The figure of a Greek God appeared at the bar, shaking his coconuts.

Manuel shook his shaker, twirling it high.

“Let me fix you something Ms Anne,” he purred. He prepared a cocktail of green apple, passion fruit and vodka.

“You had me at passion Manuel.”

Wine Description.

I am predominantly a red wine drinker, but upon my brother’s educated guidance, I am slowly changing my palate and patterns.

 This is an excellent wine in so many ways. It is supple and slightly oily in the aftertaste, oily in such a way that is moreish.

It has fruit bounding out of the glass before you taste with tropical fruit such as lychee and passion fruit assaulting you before you taste green apple and gooseberry notes. 

Then you have a light cream finish of peach. It is simply fantastic.

For a food pairing, I would recommend fish such as salmon or tuna, as a great contrast to each other.