Finca del Alta Malbec

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Finca del Alta Malbec Reserve Argentina 13.5 2018

Finca del Alta Malbec  Review

Chuck chucked his food into his own gob far too quickly.

It wasn’t long before the acidity in his stomach grew.

Sipping pepper mint tea and guzzling Pepto Bismal, Chuck soon started to discolour from a plum coloured face to a more normal one.

Until his body thought otherwise when he started inhaling blackcurrant pie.

Then the Numbskulls took over and pressed the big red button. This fecker needed a heart attack for him to cop on.

He was 53 years old and was acting like a teenager

Wine Description.

This is a complex wine, not too fruity on the nose but bursting with blackcurrant flavour on the tongue.

It’s slightly acidic and has hints of plum and mint.

A really tasty wine that would go well with beef.