Havalos Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

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Havalos Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Review.

Nadine looked luciously upon the bowl of dried raisins, cranberries and smoke fuelled pepper lemon fruit.

This was dangled in front of her after 37 hours of TV deprived starvation of 12 contestants.

Only two remained.

Lucy sat back, comfortable knowing she was going to win.

Nadine was weak and teetering with fragility.

Until she tipped the bowl over Lucy’s head. And she gorged on the grub on her face.

Wine Description.

This wine is unassuming and unpretentious. 

It says hello, you say hello back and an hour later you realise that this is something that packs a punch without being loud.

The wine is bold yet light in colour. 

It is dry on the finish, lingering long on the sides of your palate ten seconds after consumption.

It has light tastes of lemon and orange peel, but the dominant taste is of cranberry, blackberry and pepper.

It is beautifully subtle.