Mar de Vinas – Albarino 2019.

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Photo Terra Serena Piu Rabosello

Mar de Vinas – Albarino 2019.

“Stay still for fecks sake Ruben,” Ellie warned.

Ruben had fallen into a cactus patch, losing his footing during the ‘Californian Colour Run.’

This involved people throwing colour bombs at you, as you ran.

Ellie squeezed out a vanilla one, next a green apple, followed by pale green pear and finally the light suppleness of a gooseberry coloured spike.

Clearly, Ruben had avoided most colours other than green.

Wine Description.

This is a light and refreshing white wine, which is slightly drying on the palate but not overly so. 

It has strong hints of pear, green apple and gooseberry on initial taste and is quite subtle on the nose. 

There are slight hues of vanilla and earthy notes in the aftertaste, but they’re not too obvious. 

We drank this on its own but should have consumed this with food.

I would pair this wine with tomato sauce-based pasta dishes and lean fish.