Martoccia Chianti 2013

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Martoccia Chianti Italy 14.5 2019

Martoccia Chianti 2013 Review.

Jack checked the horizon line, peering over no-man’s land.

The scrubland was littered with raspberry bushes in season, a fine waste of fruit amongst gunfire.

Gunter was well camouflaged on the far side, hidden amongst the smoke of battle. 

He thought that one shot would rattle Jack, knocking his coffee cup off the shelf from 200 feet away.

But Gunter wasn’t the best shot in the world, his bullet hitting a wet earthy mound six feet to Jack’s left.

This row over a fence was getting serious.

Wine Description.

Open this wine for an hour before indulging is the first piece of advice I’d impart.

It is light and youthful on first taste, atypical of a Chianti, but develops beautifully as air passes through it.

This isn’t a full bodied wine, yet isn’t utterly see-through in colour and structure.

It has strong notes of raspberry and plum, with the aftertaste of smoke on the finish.

It is well balanced and when you finish the bottle, you will want another!