Oliver and Gregs Merlot

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O G Merlot 1

Oliver and Gregs Merlot.

Fiachra recoiled, surprised initially by the acidity of the lemon infused dessert.

The mellowness that followed led him to investigate further.

He took another bite, wedging the fork into the second piece, tasting mild hints of strawberry j am in the middle of the thin layers.

This was getting better with each mouthful.

This was a good cake for a seven year old boy called Adam. Who smiled through missing front teeth.

Wine Description.

This is a highly drinkable Spanish Merlot that is slightly tannic but not off-puttingly so. 

It mellows once opened and goes best with food. It has mild fruity tastes that are not powerful, such as lemon and strawberry.

For a food pairing, I would recommend drinking this with veal or beef.