Oliver and Greg’s Zinfandel Rose

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Oliver and Greg’s Zinfandel Rose Review.

The empty bottle told its own tale. 

Tanya had guzzled it in her thirst for fulfillment.

Crossing the desert, she looked exhausted.

“How did you manage it on your own? With those strawberry jam shoes on?” asked Jack, her concerned father reeking of sweet plum.

“Crossing the Connemara desert in the midday Irish sun was tough,” she admitted.

“I was being sarcastic honey,” he replied. “It’s only a kilometre where you crossed.”

Wine Description.

Strawberry, strawberry, strawberry! Beautiful red fruit off the nose, mixed with a smoothness I did not expect from a Rose. 

It mellows like a red wine in the finish, bringing hints of jam and honey through. 

It also has rounds of plum, not only in the colour, but in the initial bursts of fruit on first sip. 

A delightful wine to chill with.

I would recommend pairing this with red meat dishes, complimenting the sweet and smoothness of the wine. 

This might be contradictory to some people’s palate, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. 

It truly is an extraordinary mix.