Principato – Pinot Grigio 2019

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Photo Principato Pinot Grigio 2019

Principato – Pinot Grigio 2019

Agnes pronounced the list in front of her, carefully taking her time with the “ch” and “ck” sounds of peach and apricot.

Her Mum Dorothy, tapped her foot on the oak floor, sucking on a lemon and lime sweet.

Agnes was learning new words from her 11-year-old peers, and Dorothy wanted to teach her how to speak properly to them.

Her teacher, Malachy, wasn’t convinced that these sounds were the best ones to start with.

“I want her to be able to say Cooking Itch!”
“Why Dorothy?” asked Malachy.

Wine Description.

This is a playful and easy drinking Pinot Grigio. 

It has an initial drying taste of lime and oak, that lingers and mellows. 

In the aftertaste you get stone fruit, such as peach and apricot. 

This could be easily enjoyed whilst cooking and even afterwards too. 

I would suggest pairing this with salmon, oily fish or shellfish.