Sabatacha – Petit Verdot 2016

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Sabatacha – Petit Verdot 2016

Nina thought about cream, then about goats cheese. Both would offset the spice and light pepper of the meal, disguising the main intention.

 She didn’t want to draw attention, especially since she hated her father-in-law. 

Instead she made a big deal of the $100 whiskey, distracting the fecker. If he drank enough of it, he would eat anything. 

Her goats would laugh at the irony of being involved. “

Wine Description.

This is great wine with food. 

The initial glass I had was before dinner, and although it tasted good, it opened up far better with, funnily enough, goat’s cheese and plum tomatoes. 

You get the creamy, dairy mix in the initial sampling, with warm after taste, like you might with a whiskey. 

It is drying on the palate, but not overly so. 

It is a wonderful and smooth wine to relax with.

Pair this with pasta or starters, like I did.