Santa Luz – Alba Sauvignon Blanc 2020.

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Santa Luz – Alba Sauvignon Blanc 2020.

Niamh steadied her hand holding the lemon, waiting for the hooter to go off.

Making an alternative mojito in world record time, she had to be quicker than the previous record of 31.4 seconds.

She scraped lemon peel, squashed sugar syrup, green apple, melon pieces and white rum and shook it like a mad yoke. Pouring it, she was conscious of the clock.

A passing seagull ruined it, dropping a stolen bit of cheese onto her arm, knocking the glass from her hand. Game over.

Until, she could try again in 5.

Wine Description.

This is pale, straw coloured Sauvignon Blanc that is bright, crisp and drying on the palate. 

It bursts on the tongue with green apple, infused with pear and citrus flavours such as lemon peel. 

It mellows as it goes down, making it a perfect companion for lunch or a summer’s day on a deck. 

It also has a slight buttery aftertaste which does make it enticing to open another!

I would recommend pairing this dish with soft cheeses or simply cooked shellfish.