Dragonfly – Chenin Blanc 2019

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Photo Dragonfly 2019

Dragonfly – Chenin Blanc 2019

Olivia grasped the metallic handle, carefully tipping the popcorn, sprinkled lightly with butter, into the large lemon coloured bowl.

She had tried something experimental in the heats, mixing honey into in the hot oil. 

This had infused a spectacular corn, winning over the judges thus far.

But now, she had added a final ingredient. 


The judges weren’t smiling like before, but were running for buckets.

Wine Description.

This is a delicate wine with light fruits, that I was not expecting to enjoy so much. 

This was chilled nicely and was a cooling tonic after a warm mug of tea. 

What dominated this wine for me, was the lingering sense of butter mixed with lemon in the aftertaste. 

All I could think about was going for a bag of popcorn to compliment it! 

It is certainly moreish. 

As you have a second glass, you find more balance and stability in the aftertaste.

Pair this wine with cheeses or even a curry.