Terra Serena – Piu Rabosello

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Photo Terra Serena Piu Rabosello

Terra Serena – Piu Rabosello.

Jamie guzzled on the bottle of nearly flat sparkling water, the heat on the midday sun having a massive effect on his thirst.

Mark threw him a basket of strawberries, some with earthy dirt still clinging to the sides.

Jamie attacked the red fruit with aplomb, devouring three in one bite, replete with the calyxes still attached.

“I need the roughage too. Haven’t pooed in the guts of a week,” Jamie offered.

The first live interview of ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’ got off to a rocky start.

Wine Description.

This is light bubbles in a glass! 

Fresh, light and easy on the eye. 

It has bubbles but they don’t hit your nose as you sample it from the glass. 

The colour is strawberry, and darker than I thought it would be initially. 

Taste wise it is unassuming and subtle – there is a minerality in the aftertaste that leaves you wanting more!

For food pairings, I would recommend going with something spicy as a compliment to its freshness.