Tola – Nero d”Avola 2018

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Photo Nero dAvola

Tola – Nero d”Avola 2018

Hector would have to clean like a man possessed.

The stains remaining from Pat’s hungry wolfing of the cupboards and fridge, left the kitchen in absolute disarray.

Pat sat in his ill-fitting nappy, belly full and snoozing against the cupboard under the sink. 

Blackberry stain on the cream presses, cherry spludge on the floor tiles, milk chocolate smeared everywhere and an odd stick of vanilla in between his fingers, like a cigar.

Pat’s stag night wouldn’t be easily forgotten.

Wine Description.

This is a wine that dark chocolate lovers will gorge on.

It is full of dark fruit but doesn’t assault you on the nose. 

It is bold yet subtle, with strong hues of blackcurrant, cherry and vanilla. 

There is the undertone of chocolate and raisin in the finish, and it is slightly drying. 

It is a bottle of wine that you don’t want to end or empty.

This would go well with red meat, particularly beef. 

Try it with pizza too.