Vignoble Muret – Picpoul de Pinet 2018

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Photo Picpoul de Pinet

Vignoble Muret – Picpoul de Pinet 2018

Bernard shaved the sour lime, carefully not exposing the raw fruit underneath. 

Pouring sparkling soda water and a dash of double cream into a bowl, he squeezed the fruit and quickly whisked the mixture. 

Adding peach schnapps gave it a kick. 

The acid and dairy put up a fight but submitted to his dexterity. 

Ms Shaw noted his ability. 

Being able to make desserts in the jungle was impressive. Especially wearing a loincloth.

Wine Description.

This is a white wine that even totalitarian, austere red wine drinkers will like. 

It is neither sweet nor drying. 

It is subtle and unassuming, whilst having tones of sour lime, honey and cream. 

In fact my wife, who rarely drinks white wine, said that it wasn’t bad and reminded her of younger days when she drank cream soda. 

It is pale straw yellow in colour and extremely drinkable.

I would recommend this wine with vegetarian cuisine, such as quinoa. 

It could go very well with lean fish too.