When we Dance Chianti

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When We Dance by Sting Chianti 13 2018

When we Dance Chianti Review.

The pot boiled, then simmered, letting the aromas ooze through the contents.

Terri lifted the lid, assaulted by cherry, milk chocolate and upon tasting, the lingering taste of metal on the edges of her tongue.

“Get away from me pot of stew!” shouted an irritated Victor, clutching his ruby coloured walking stick, waving it threateningly.

“Grandad, it’s me, Terri. Sit your ass down for lunch.”

Donald, the golden retriever, barked in assent with Terri.

Victor listened.

Wine Description.

This a slow burner that opens up with the warmth of your hand and being uncorked and left to breathe.

It tastes light, a little playful, with a slight metallic taste on the edges of your tongue.

It does linger, with strong flavours of cherry and hints of milk chocolate. The ruby colour is see-through with little complexity.

It is a beautiful wine, simple and elegant.