Stock List

Red wines 

 O & G Merlot – Chilean 13%, ,
Rich ripe plum flavours with a smooth finish ,a truly delicious red wine.             

 O & G Rose– Californian 11.5%,
Oliver & Gregs Zinfandel is a medium sweet & pink rose with a nice explosion of rasperberries and strawberries.

 Costa Cruz Tempranillo & Shiraz –Spanish 13%, 
 Garnet coloured wine with soft berry fruits, a well balanced wine.

 Eira Sao Miguel , Alentejano, Portugal , 13.5%,
Ruby coloured wine with aromas of plum and blackberry balanced with a hint of vanilla and green figs.

 Terra Serena Rosé- Frizzante – , Italian, 10.5%
Ripe red fruits with a good balance of sweetness.

Finca Cerrada , Temprannilo, Spain 13.5%,
A harmonious wine in the mouth,well balanced and plenty of fruit.

Bio organic & vegan

 False Bay Pinotage , South Africa , 13%,
Smokey & earthy wine with leather notes & a hint of black pepper, Med.bodied.

Duchesse de Berry , Bordeaux , France , 13%,
The Duchess of Berry was a member of the French royal family who lived for many years in Bordeaux and always had her love for local wine. This Bordeaux has the usual plum and red fruit aromas and is well balanced between the acidity & dryness.

 Dragonfly Pinotage, South African, 13%,
A lovely soft flavoursome western cape Pinotage with rounded fruit flavours. This would be great to pair with hearty meats dishes or pasta.

 GB Reserve Shiraz , Australian , 14% ,
Full of plum & raspberry with complex oak & spice with a hint of vanilla.

Havalos Cabernet Sauvignon , Chilean , 13%,
Deep and intense colour with aromas of ripe blackcurrants with a hint of spice.

 Chukkers Malbec , Argentina , 13.5%,
From the Mendoza region this Malbec has a terrific nose of blueberry & blackberry , well balanced with mineral and spice notes.

 Lab , Reserva Tinto, Portugal , 14%,
Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz / Syrah and Touriga Nacional
A full bodied wine dominant of dark and red fruits , aged in French oak barrels for 8 months creating a long smooth finish with a taste of pepper.

 Puerta Vieja , Rioja Crianza, Spain, 13.5%,
Medium bodied Rioja Crianza which balances full flavours of red fruits, earthy notes mixed with vanilla and oak.

 Chateau Deson Bordeaux,France , 12.5%,
An earthy lighter Bordeaux ,red fruit sweetness and floral notes.

 Cotes -du-Rhone, Plan de Dieu, , France , 14 % ,
Smoked with notes of roasted coffee, blackcurrant and ripe dark fruits, round and sweet with a touch of bitterness.

 Colossal Reserva , Lisbao, Portugal , 14 % ,
91 Points on Wine Enthusiast-Intense colour, full bodied with ripe black fruit and spicy flavours,well balanced & a long smooth finish.

 Chateau Haut Laulion, , France , 12.5 % ,
A Bordeaux with a nose of ripe fruit and velvety tannins.

 Sabatacha , Monastrell, Jumilla, Spain 14%,
100% Monastrell coming from a 25 year old non irrigated vineyards of low yields. Intense red purple colour with strong flavours of plums, raspberry and blackberry.Medium bodied with smooth tannins.

 100 Hectares red, Douro Valley , Portugal , 14.5%,
A blend from the best vineyards in the Douro valley, aromas of wild fruitd and cherries. It offers good fruit flavours in the mouth and has a long fresh finish.


 L’Initial Bordeaux , France 14%, 
90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet with fruity aromas of raspberry and blackberry textured and silky on the palate with good tannins.

 Nero D’Avola , Terre Normanne,Italian 13%,
Intensely fruity & spicy wine on the nose but excellently structured & balanced.

 Passo Antico , Coltivate Con Passione, Italy 13%,
From southern Italy -a blend of Cannonau & Carignan grapes which are fruit forward and full bodied creating strong aromas of cherry and black currant with a hint of chocolate , oak & vanilla.

 Pegos Claros Reserva , Lisbao, Portugal , 13.5% ,
Made from 70 year old vines of the Castaláo grapes. Manually harvested & foot treading to produce this great quality wine matured in French oak that is full of black and red fruit notes.

Finca del Alta Malbec Reserve , Argentina , 13.5% ,
This Mendoza full bodied Malbec has strong aromas of red berries with hints of mint and spices on the nose.

 Tola -Nero D’Avola , 13%,
As luscious bold inky red Nero D’Avola that has great balance of smooth soft black fruits with the hints of vanilla , chocolate and oak.

 La Baume Rosé, Languedoc, France , 12.5% ,
This exceptional rosé wine has fresh and fruity tones of cherry, strawberries, melon & peach and a good balance of dryness.

 Dois Terroirs, Alentejano ,Portugal , 13.5%,
This beautiful blend of is the fusion of 2 terroirs elegantly balancing the sandy soil of the Pinor Noir with the freshness & fruit of Aragonez & Syrah.

 Martoccia Chianti , Italy, 14.5%,
Vibrant & fresh aromas of red fruits, violets & dried herbs, pleasant finish.

 Zull , Lust & Laune,Pinot Noir blend, Austria ,13%,
A botutique family owned and run vineyard have produced a juicy red wine blending Pinot Noir and Zweigelt grapes. An unoaked wineBlack fruit driven with soft spice.

When We Dance by Sting ,Chianti, 13%,
Sting & Trudy Styler’s 2nd red from Tuscany , this Chianti is smooth and well balanced, simple and fresh with the fragrance of iris and cherry.

 Beppe Rosato Toscana , Rosé, (Sting), 12.5%,
Sting & Trudy Styler’s Beppe wine is named in memory af the man who cultivated the vineyard to 59 years of his working life. This delicate aperitip wine is very well balanced with subtle notes of pineapple and peach with a buttery finish.

Message in a Bottle by Sting , Merlot / Shiraz /Sangiovese, 13%,
Sting & Trudy Styler’s beautiful first red from Tuscany with complex aromas of cherries, wild blackberries and spice with a dry finish.

 Roxanne by Sting ,Sangiovese Toscana, 13.5%,
Sting & Trudy Stylers wine- complex aromas of cherries, wild blackberries and spice this is a very drinkable wine and can compliment many dishes.

White wines 

 Outback Jack Australian Chardonnay, 13%,
Light yet creamy with tropical flavours of peach,pineapple & citrus.

 Santa Luiz Sauvignon Blanc-, Chilean, 11.5%
Intensely Fresh & fruity with lemon, grapefruit & nectarine flavours.

 Costa Cruz Verdejo / Sav Blanc-, Spanish, 12%,
A fresh and fruity wine, good balance of tropical fruits & citrus.

Portuga Casa Santos Lima, Portugal 12%,
A blend of traditional Portuguese grape varities giving a well balanced aromatic and fruity wine.

 Viento Norte Sauvignon Blanc , Chile, 13%,
A bright pale yellow Sav Blanc with aromas of citrus, green apples and a hint of grassiness . Crisp mouth entry, light bodied with a very fresh finish.

 Segredos de Sao Miguel , Alentejano, Portugal , 12.5%,
Light and very drinkable white with aromas of tropical fruits and white flowers. A good pairing for seafood, salads or sushi.

Dragonfly Chenin Blanc, South African,12.5%,
A dry yet zesty wine, plenty of fruit on the nose and in the mouth with light notes of green apple & honeysuckle.

 Principato Pinot Grigio, , Italian – 12%,
Floral & juicy fruit aromas, great citrus with a hint of nuttiness.

 Monte Da Ravasquiera Sav Blanc, Alentejano Portugal– 12.5%,
A great quality sauvignon blanc with strong lemon notes, hints of asparagus and passion fruit with a long and lingering finish.

 Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine Muret, France , 13%,
Delicate & fresh with an excellent acidic balance, an alternative to Pinot Grigio /Sauvignon Blanc with strong notes of apricot,pear & apple.

 Stoneburn , New Zealand , Sauvignon Blanc, 12%,
A superb Sauvignon Blanc with tropical notes, tangy & zesty.

 Elisabeth , Cotes de Gascogne , France blend, 11%,
(Colombard / Sauvignon / Gros Manseng )
A beautiful blend , fresh, strong tropical fruit on the nose & mouth.

Prova Regia, Arinto , Lisbao, Portugal , 12.5%,
A great wine with red apple flavours and a nutty finish.

 Dominique Baud Sauvignon Blanc , France , 12%,
A crisp dry white which has a distintive bouqet of gooseberries & summer grass.

 Terra Serena Prosecco Frizzante – , Italian, 10.5%
Light to medium bodied prosecco with good aromas of pear,peach and apricot with a nice soft sweetness.

 Woodbridge Californian Chardonnay , R.Modavi USA 13.5%,
Ripe pear & apple combing with vanilla & a touch of oak.

 Pouco Comum , Alvarinho , Portugal , 13%
Aromas of tree fruits, mostly apple & pear, with floral ,honeyed and citrus notes creating a good balance between structure, acidity & length.

Amarelo, Albarino , 12.5%,
Intense & elegant ,aromas of mango, orange citrus, pear & apricot.


 100 Hectares Branco, Douro Valley , Portugal – 13%,
Tropical fruits on the nose with well balanced acidity that has
a long and fresh finish in the mouth.

 Mar de Vinas , Albarino, Spain, 13%, 
Pungent aromas of citrus and green apple, with both floral and salty undertones. It is dry & medium bodied, ideal on its own or paired with salads or fish.

 Frailes Do Mar , Albarino , 12.5%,
A pale lemon -yellow wine with golden hues. Aromas of citrus and ripe fruit, this wine has an intense after taste.

Rabl, Gruner Veltliner , Austrian , 11.5%,
A zesty , fresh and lively wine with hints of melon. 
Almost like a cross between a Sauvignon Blanc and a Reisling.
IWSC trophy winning vineyard 2019

 Message in a Bottle by Sting, Italian
Sauvignon blanc / Vermentino / Trebbiano, 13 %,
Comp[ex floral profile with hints of pineapple & citrus this is
an excellent white wine full of flavour.

Message in a Bottle Spumante ( Sting) , Italian 11.8%,
Straw-yellow Spumante with small champagne pearls.
This has both a fruity and flowery finish with notes of apple & plum.


 Maschio dei Cavalieri Snipes of Fizzante proscecco – 10.5%
A great blend of pear, peach and melon aromas coming through
Please note certain popular wines listed above maybe temporarily out of stock when you have placed your order so we will contact you to offer a similar wine in replacement.

Specials / Premiums

Whispering Angel Rosé, Cotes de Provence , 13.5%,
Strong aromas of citrus & pink grapefruit with a smooth creamy finish.

Whispering Angel Rosé, Magnum,
Same as above but a larger bottle.

Cloudy Bay , Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough New Zealand, 13.5%,
A mouth watering and juicy new Zealand Sauvignon blanc with strong characteristics of passion fruit, lime and orchard blossoms.

Terrazas de los Andes Malbec,
Mendoza, Argentina , 14 % , 
Terrazas Reserva is a blend of terroirs creating a fantastic wine of depth, complexity & harmony. A pleasant mix of spiciness & licorice.

 Rabl, Pinot Noir, Austrian , 13.5%,
Made with biodynamically grown fruit this elegant Pinot Noir from a low yeald vineyard has great balance of perfumed raspberries and cherries with light tannins and fresh acidity .
IWSC trophy winning vineyard.

Super Tuscans

Casino Delle Vie, Rosso Toscana, Italy , 14 %,
A Special occasion treat; this wine gets its name from a 19th century farmhouse on Sting & Trudy Stylers Tuscany vineyard.
Strong mint, blueberries and blackberries on the nose with a lovely jammy taste that’s both soft and smooth.
A beautiful warm and full bodied wine.

 Sister Moon , Rosso Toscana, Italy , 14 %,
50% Sangiovese, 30% Cabernet , 20% Merlot
94 Points James Suckling
Another beautiful wine from Sting & Trudy Stylers Tuscany vineyard.
Hand harvested grapes, and a wine that is aged for 15-18 months in
medium sized barrels and thaen aged 6 months in bottle.
Aromas of black pepper, blackberries & licorice
added with a taste of figs. Fruit forward and smooth.

 Dieci Rosso Toscana, Italy , 14 %,
100% Sangiovese,
92 Points by The Wine Advocate with a waxed bottle neck.
Bold and structured organic wine which only produced 2000 bottles of
this vintage throughout the world. Raspberry & blueberry flavours , hints of leather and earthiness with a lovely crisp finish.


Pol Roger Réserve Brut Champagne,12.5% 
A worldwide acclaimed Brut Réserve handcrafted champagne through 5 generations since 1849. This is the signature champagne of the house which is a blend of Champenois grape varieties, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay from 30 different crus.
The style combines complexity ,balance and distinction.

Ruinart Blanc De Blancs Champagne, 12.5%
The Ruinart champagne house originates back to 1729 and this intensely fresh and fruity aromatic champagne is a treat. Composed entirely of Chardonnay from the finest vineyards.

Moët & Chandon Champagne, 12%
Imperial N.V.. 75cl 
Created in 1869 Moët Impérial is Moët Champagnes iconic house champagne. A blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier & Chardonnay, it shows a vibrant intensity of green apple and citrus fruit with white flowers and blonde notes of brioche, cereal and fresh nuts.

Moët & Chandon Champagne, 12%
N.V. Magnum Bottle, 1.5 Litre 
Same as above but a larger bottle.

Mixed case deals

A mixed 6 bottled case of  the following;
Australian Gb reserve Shiraz, O& G Californian Zinfandel rosé,
Eiro Sao Miguel Portuguese red blend, Ameralo Albarino,
Patagon Chilean Malbec, Dragonfly Chenin Blanc South Africa.

a 6 bottled mixed case of the following.
Robert Modavi Woodbridge Californian Chardonnay, 13.5%, 
Dois Terroirs, Portuguese blend, 13.5%, 
O & G Chilean Merlot 13%, 
Terra Serena Rosé- Italian Frizzante, 10.5%
Viento Norte, Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, 13%, 
Elisabeth, Cotes de Gascogne, French blend,
(Colombard / Sauvignon / Gros Manseng) 11%, 

Havalos Cabernet Sauvignon , 13%, 
Stoneburn , New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, 12%, 
Duchesse de Berry , French Bordeaux , 13%, 
Santa Luiz Chilean Sauvignon Blanc-, 11.5%
Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine Muret, France , 13%, 
O & G Chilean Merlot 13%, 

The Pink Present-
A 4 bottle deal of a Whispering Angel rosé,
La Baume rosé, Terra Serana rosé Frizzante and O&G Californian Zinfandel rosé.

A mix of a Costa Cruz Spanish Verdejo white,
A Portugese white blend,
Dom Baud French sauvignon blanc,
Terra Serana Italian Frizzante rosé & 2 snipes of bubbly.

Saturday-Night-, (5 Bottles )
A mix of a Havolos Cabernet Sauvignon,
O & G Chilean Merlot,
a Portugeuse Douro blend Eira Sao Miguel,
Costa Cruz Spanish Tempranillo / Shiraz
“When we dance” the stylish chianti by the musician Sting.

World Mix 6- (Complimentary Presentation basket)
If you like sampling different wines from around the world here is our sommeliers 6 pick Usa-Robert Modavi Chardonnay, France- Passion de Dames Cote Du Rhone Portugal- Eira Sao Miguel blend South Africa- False Bay Pinotage Chile- Viento Norte Sauvignon Blanc, Italy- Principato Pinot Grigio.

World Mix 8- (Complimentary Presentation basket & chocolates)
If you like trying different wines from around the world
here is our sommeliers 8 pick which comes with a
complimentary presentation basket and some chocolates. 
Usa- O & G Rosé Zinfandel
Spain – Amarelo Albarino
France- L’Initial Bordeaux Rouge
Argentina – Finca Del Alta Malbec
Chile – Santa Luiz Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand- Stoneburn Sauvignon Blanc
Italy – Stings Chianti “When we Dance”
Portugal – 100 Hectares White blend.

Sting 4 Mix –
4 Premium wines from Sting & Trudy Stylers
Tuscany vineyard,
1-Message in a bottle red blend Merlot / Shiraz /Sangiovese,
2-Message in a bottle white Sauvignon blanc / Vermentino / Trebbiano
3- Roxanne red , Sangiovese Toscana
4-When We Dance ,Chianti.

Portuguese Mix #1 (3 White & 3 Reds )
100 Hectares Douro White,
100 Hectare Douro Red,
Eira Sao Miguel Douro red blend,
Portuga Santa Lima white blend
Pouco Comum Alvarhino white,
Collossal Lisbao Reserva red.

Portuguese Mix #2 (3 White & 3 Reds )
Dois Terroirs red blend,
Lab Reserva Tinto
Pegos Claros Lisbao Reserva red,
Segredos de Sao Miguel white
Monte Da Ravasquiera Sauvignon blanc
Prova Regia Arinto white.

Portuguese Mix #3 (6 Reds )
Dois Terroirs blend,
100 Hectare Douro blend,
Eira Sao Miguel Douro red blend,
Lab Reserva Tinto
Pegos Claros Lisbao Reserva,
Collossal Lisbao Reserva red.

Portuguese Mix #4 (6 Whites )
100 Hectares Douro White,
Monte Da Ravasquiera Sauvignon blanc
Prova Regia Arinto white
Portuga Santa Lima white blend
Pouco Comum Alvarhino white,
Segredos de Sao Miguel white.

The Bosses Mystery Mix 6

Dublin Wine to your door Dublin Wine To Your Door delivers restaurant quality wines

€75 ,€85 or €100
This can be all red , all white or a 3 & 3 mix.
You can choose this.
All you have to do is leave a message in the comments box of
what style of wines, grapes , regions you would normally go for.
You will receive a text before delivery describing the wines
that are being shipped to you with their tasting notes.

€75- Would be entry level in our stock list of wines,
6 bottles mostly from the €12-€15 price list range.

€85- Would be mid level in our stock list of wines,
6 bottles mostly from the €12-€17 price list range.

€100- Would be top level in our stock list of wines,
6 bottles mostly from the €15-€20 price list range.