Amarelo Albarino

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Amarelo Albarino 12.5 2018

Amarelo Albarino.

Gary squirmed on the stool.

Ian shook his head.

Alan scratched his balding bonce.

Never had three alpha males felt so ill at ease. They had to make their own perfume, live on TV, in the reality show, Out Of Their Depth.

Ian had crushed fresh green apple.

Gary used the tips of his fingers to crunch elderflower stems.

Alan smashed his head into a chopped grapefruit, remaining still, hoping this was all just a bad dream.

He didn’t move.

Wine Description.

Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I am not a big fan of white wine. This, however, I will exception for every day of the week!

It is light and refreshing, drying on the tongue without being off-putting.

It has strong hues of green apple and lemon, giving you that lightness and suplleness.

It also has a minerality and likability that I didn’t expect, being served nicely chilled for a few hours.

This is an excellent white Albarino, one that I hope to sample over the summer months.