Domaine Passion des Dames Cotes Du Rhone

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Domaine Passion de Dames

Domaine Passion des Dames Cotes Du Rhone

Johnny licked his lips, tasting the faint undertone of plum lip gloss.

Kim left him thinking, as she walked away winking.

“One kiss and I have that impact near your eh, pockets?” she asked.

“Eh, no, love. It’s a bag of mushrooms. I was out sticking me fingers in the earthy soil earlier.”

“Ooh, baby, talk dirty to me.”

“Okay so. Oil. Muck.”



Wine Description

This a bold wine with strong aromas of dark fruit, plum in particular.

It is drying in the aftertaste, but not overly so.

It is extremely smooth and even.

We drank it after food, watching television, relaxing and it disappeared quickly.

There are some hints of earthy undertones. It is subtle and very drinkable.