Quinta da Lixa – Pouco-Comum Alvarinho 2019

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Quinta da Lixa – Pouco-Comum Alvarinho 2019.

Terri supped her green apple infused chamomile tea, staring out at the slowly lapping waves
of the Pacific ocean. She felt Zen. 

Until she heard the familiar spurt and hiss of her sister-in-law’s dirty cream coloured 1985 Peugeot. 

Irene could spoil any gathering on her own. 

Irene didn’t like stairs though. 

And she would have to walk up those steps that straddled the water.

Wine Description.

This is a light and supple wine, well balanced and easily drinkable. 

There are short bursts of dry citrus and honey on the nose, with longer lingering green apple on the finish. 

It is fresh and has hints of tropical fruit, and I think I got a slight taste of pineapple and cream.

Pair this with shellfish, lean fish or cured meats.